Some places on earth make you forget the need to stay updated with the current world. These could be those amazingly beautiful places thanks to nature’s kindness or they could be places with a great history thanks to early inhabitants who lived, flourished and left permanent marks for the future world to see. Or these places could have the best of both the elements to mesmerize you to ignore the needs to stay connected with the internet world and updated technologies. They could take you much behind in time to enjoy the essence of a rich past and let your imagination go wild; or they could take you into the wilderness to be spellbound by the limitless beauties of nature. Or, they could offer you both as Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh does.

Tezu, a small town that boasts of beautiful rivers and valleys, is located in Lohit district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Mishmi tribes are the early inhabitants of this land and their history dates back to the period of the epic Mahabharata. Many other ancient tribes live here and Tezu is vibrant with the traditions followed by all these tribes. 

  • Dong
  • Glow Lake
  • Parasuram Kunda
  • Chaglogam
  • Walong
  • Tezu District Museum and Craft Center
  • Hawa Camp
  • D'Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tezu Botanical Garden
  • Tezu Park

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