If history fascinates you, land in Patna, the capital of Bihar on your vacation. Patna has ancient elements written all over it. It is the largest town in Bihar and its history dates back to 3000 years. During ancient times, the city was famously known as Pataliputraand it served capital of Magadha kingdom. Ruled by various dynasties, the land reflects the influences of varied culture and lifestyle. You may want to take a long vacation to enjoy the essence of Patna, which was one amongst the earliest lands inhabited.

  • Kumrahar
  • Golghar
  • Patna Museum
  • Agam Kuan
  • Jalan Museum
  • Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden
  • Sri Krishna Science Centre
  • Patna Planetarium
  • Khuda Baksh National Library
  • Nalanda University
  • Buddha Smriti Park
  • Mahavir Mandir
  • Jalmandir Temple
  • Sun Temple
  • Begu Hajjam's Mosque


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