Idalcao Palace

Idalcao's Palace was built in 1500 by Yusuf Adil Shah as a riverside pleasure and it has been modified in the recent times.

This palace became the defense point for the Portuguese, later they added the palace to their artillery strength and the palace also became the first port for the foreign ships with cargo. This Palace was official residence for most of the Portuguese Viceroys.  In 1760, when viceroy moved to Panjim from Old Goa, a small chapel was built in this palace.

In 1918 the Cross from the chapel was shifted to Fontainhas and the reredos of the main altar was shifted to the Church of Immaculate Conception at Panjim.    Later this palace was utilized for the government offices and departments including the Captain of Ports and the Attorney General. And when Goa attained its Liberation the palace became the Secretariat, first as a Union territory of Goa and then when it became the state.

Today this is an administrative place of the Legislative Assembly. The roof above the main doorway is replaced with the national emblem, The Asoka Chakra and Buddhist Wheel of Law, which appears at the center of the National Flag.

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