Gaya is one such place that is close to the heart of those who follow Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. If you are not the category that limits yourself to a particular religion but seek to admire the wonders of the world of the ancestors, Gaya could still be a great choice as the land has some of the best constructions that highlight the architectural brilliance of an era in the past. 

On the banks of Lilanjan River, Bodh Gaya, famously referred to as Gaya, welcomes you to its attractions. Many across the world who follow Hinduism and Buddhism frequent the land, as it is considered a place of importance going by the epic Ramayana and it is where Buddha made the Fire sermon. For nature lovers, the place holds attraction as it is located in a stunning setting amidst hills thus presenting a picturesque landscape that is both serene and stimulating. 

  • Mahabodhi Temple
  • Vishnupad Temple
  • Dungeshwari Cave Temple
  • Barabar Caves
  • Bodhi Tree
  • Chinese Temple and Monastery
  • Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum
  • Muchalinda Lake
  • Thai Temple and Monastery
  • Royal Bhutan Monastery

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