While planning for your holiday tour, the discussion that occupies most of your time is the choice on the destination. There is an easy way to go about the choice. Destinations can be broadly classified as two types. One type would be the locations in the world that are blessed with the kindness of Mother Nature and the second type is the locations that boast of man-made wonders. Once you decide where you need to be during your holidays, you can base your search accordingly. Again, in man made wonders, you would find cities that represent the rich cultural heritage of the bygone era and cities that are high-tech and modern. If you are keen to have a combination of these both, you can find it on your visit to Bengaluru, the erstwhile Bangalore. The city’s friendly climatic conditions make your stay pleasant and your journey enjoyable.

  • Tipu Sultan Fort
  • Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Nandi Hills
  • Cubbon Park
  • The Government Museum
  • Shivasamudram Falls
  • Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum