Archaeological Museum

Goa Archaeological Museum was established in 1964 and reorganized in 1981–82. Located in the part of the religious foundation of the church of St. Francis of Assisi. It has 8 galleries with the articles from the prehistoric to the late mediaeval period. The importance of this museum lies in the display of the portrait paintings of governors and viceroys, wooden sculptures, pillars, capitals, postal stamps and various other articles which belong to the Portuguese period in Goa.

Master pieces in the collection includes: Luis Vaz de Camees, Vishnu with ten incarnation, Surya, Gajalakshmi, wooden sculpture of John the Baptist, ivory sculptures of Jesus Crucification, bronze statue of Albuquerques (first governor of Goa), hero stone, sati stone, Persian and Arabic inscription, portrait paintings of Vasco da Gama, Com Joa de Castro, Portuguese arms like rifle, swords and daggers, and many more.