About Us

The desire to explore is something that is deep-seated in every human heart, and it is the raison d’être of Laurus Guide. Built from the passion of a team of explorers-at-heart, Laurus Guide is a travel company like no other, showing you INDIA like you’ve never seen it before.

With sheer range of destinations, amazing leisure facilities and an unparalleled selection of holiday packages we customize requirements to give our customers and their families not holidays but memories. We have the exclusive rights to sell all the destinations of India.

Laurus Guide mainly specializes in offering services across the travel spectrum with the main focus on Leisure, Exploration and Luxury Holidays. We are led by an enthusiastic explorers and team with decades of experience in the industry. We are driven, first and foremost, not by business considerations but by our own passion to explore – which enables us to anticipate your needs. We are shaped by innovation, and have a drive to design new experiences and find new destinations for you.

From our specialty of film production to specialty tours, from custom-made holidays, Honeymoon packages  to Spiritual Tours, from family holidays to explorations of little known places, Laurus Guide will be your one-stop shop for India.

Private & Flexible

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of choice to design your perfect personal itinerary the way you want it, with our careful guidance and advice. We find out what your interests are, what perfect travel means to you to ensure a richer and more in-depth experience. Consultations are free of charge.

 Authentic & Unique

All the experiences we offer have been individually tested by our team, so you can look forward to first-hand knowledge and hassle-free travel with incredibly personalized experiences, boasting off-the-beaten-track places and unique activities that will exceed your expectations.

Safe & Reliable

You’re in safe hands! Our chauffeurs are pleasant, experienced and trained to follow the highest standards of safety. Our on-the-ground local experts are there to provide truly personalized service; and you have a personal Trip Coordinator to support you and manage all logistics during your trip.

 Excellent Value

We don’t use middlemen. We believe in honest and fair pricing. Our team has personally developed preferred partnerships and direct relationships so you receive the most competitive rates and exceptional preferred access.


We recommend that all travelers to India pre-purchase comprehensive travel insurance, that covers them against medical emergencies, accidents, loss of baggage, cancellation of holiday etc.

Hassle Free Holiday Planning

We understand our customers and always deliver on our promises. And we don't stop at just offering customized packages, but see to it that the tour goes smoothly and as planned for an unparalleled travel experience. Be it special interest tours, budget travelling, family holidays, honeymoons or adventure tours, we can make it in a click for you.

Best Deals Guaranteed

Being a customer-driven travel company, we fully understand the desires as well as compulsions of the traveler and take them into account while making travel deals. The end result is custom-packages that allow clients to have maximum fun without burning a hole in the pocket.

30,000+ Contracted Hotels in India

We have alliance with over 20,000 hotels across India including both budget and luxury hotels and can arrange accommodation for you as per you demands and budget. Many of these hotels are known for outstanding services and genial hospitality, so you are assured of a pleasant stay.